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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

YK2, the noughties or the conventional way to say this – the year 2000!

The Millennium started off on a strange negative vibe with the eve of this decade being thought of as the ‘end of the world’ with the Millennium bug. Think disaster movies with black outs, computers blowing up and planes falling out of the sky! That didn’t happen!

But 2020 weirdly has that same scary unknown world wide disaster vibe that going on with this new bug of ours! Strange similarities 20 years on, but we will know it will be allllll ok eventually!

But the main similarity that we are seeing with this Vigintennial’s is what we are seeing on the streets with a big resurgence of the Y2K trend among the Gen X. The year 2000 was a time were consumerism was high and the phrase ‘’fast fashion’’ was born. The popularity of the high street and the massive superstores were popping up everywhere where shopping was a full all senses experience. But more importantly the ease and increased advances of online shopping was born out of the tech advances, which in turn meant that a lot of us had waaay too much at our hands at the click of a button.

Therefore the trend of Y2K makes sense to buy vintage and to wear original pieces and not buy copies manufactured today and not start again the resurgence of the fast fashion phrase! WE.ARE.NOW. lived through this trend in full effect and have sourced original Y2K vintage pieces. With the abundance of discarded original pieces out there, this is a trend that can be sourced so easily. WE.ARE.NOW. have done the hard work for you and given you a Y2K edit to shop, especially for the party season! Which the 2000s did really well!

Heres a trend round up and check list WE.ARE.NOW. have put together highlighting a few keys trends to get the Paris (Hilton) look.

Think crop tops, halter tops, boob tubes and camis. If your mid drift wasn’t showing it wasn’t the year 2000!

y2k Vintage Fashion 2000s

The staples here are tennis skirts, mini skirts and loose-fitted trousers like cargo pants (with heels). Alexandra McQueens bumster jeans kick started the trend of the low low rise jeans (with your thong, th th th th thong showing!) as inspiration, please don’t go toooo low with this trend! You don’t want to get arrested!

Y2K Vintage Fashion 2000s

The baguette bag is back! Mini tiny bags are back! I’m afraid you will have to choose carefully what you put in these bags as theres a limited amount of space. I’d suggest a shimmer heather pink lipstick from Rimmel – the staple lip colour for the noughties.

Y2K Vintage Fashion 2000s

Head scarfs are a massive part of YK2 as well as the beloved scrunchies! Coming from the hip hop scene that was getting bigger and bigger, with stars like Jennifer Lopez making it look incredibly cool.

Y2K Vintage Fashion 2000s

Logos were everywhere! Benetton, Von Dutch, Playboy, Hello Kitty, Tommy Hilfiger and the Juicy Couture velar tracksuit! It would of course look better if the logo was spelt out in diamonties!

Y2K Vintage Fashion 2000s

It has been known that the tech advancements and the optimism we had at the turn of a new millennium reflected in the colour palette of fashion in the year 2000. We were having P-Diddy style white parties where everyone wore white. There was a baby soft colour palette amongst girls copying the Britney Spears look with lots of baby pinks, greens, blues, lilacs and silvers.

Y2K Vintage Fashion 2000s

Denim double, triple and more – denim was big news! Mini skirts, bootcut jeans and who can forget WE.ARE.NOW.’s special mention…. BRITNEY! The denim clash with her then boyfriend Justin Timberlake is so grossly over the top it looks incredible!

Y2K Vintage Fashion 2000s

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